I left the house with my head held high’ – Aanchal Kumar

Aanchal Kumar, the latest evictee of Bigg Boss 4, had a strenuous time in the house undergoing the tasks after getting limited sleep. Termed as a silent girl, Aanchal tried hard to keep away from politics inside the house.

Aanchal speaks to Tellybuzz about her journey in the house, about her friends and much more..

How do you feel being back from Bigg Boss?
I am really happy to be back to my normal life because it is not easy in there and after staying away from family for a long time. I am happy to be back with them.

You were seen dancing when you were out of the show, what made you rejoice?
Being inside the house is really not easy because there are a lot of rules and regulations that you have to abide by, which is not followed in our normal life style. I have learnt a lot of things inside the house and everyday has been new to me. I knew that a day would come when I will have to leave the house and had decided that I wouldn’t want to leave shedding tears. I left the house having my head held high.

How was the experience inside the house?
As I said earlier, each day had been a learning experience and I was a person who did not get into controversial talks and arguments.

Were there times when you felt that you have had enough and wanted to get out of the house?
I missed my home very much, many a times because the people in the house fight with each other blowing up petty issues. They used to use abusive language and would do constant bickering which was very disturbing. Being seniors they should have let off certain issues other than blowing it up.

Who are the people that you would keep in touch with in future?
There are a few people who I will definitely keep in touch, like Abbas Kazmi because I had a very fatherly attachment with him. Then there is Rahul Bhatt who is very lovely and straight forward, Manoj Tiwari ji because I have learnt a lot from him. We used to sit together and converse for a long time and sometimes I would help him translate English
sentences to Hindi. I would also keep in touch with Khali Ji because he is a very silent person and has a completely contrasting personality from his appearance. When he entered the house we were all intimidated by his appearance but once we got to know him well, we understood that he is really a very sweet person by heart. I would also love to be in contact with Begam and Seema Ji too.

You had problems with Dolly Bindra; so why didn’t you nominate her?
There is something new happening everyday in the house that keeps you acquainted with, and I had issues with Dolly a few weeks back when she entered because there was a tension after her entry. But then later on she started behaving normally to me and the issues somehow were sorted out. I voted Sara because Ali was anyways going and there were certain things happening in the house that made me to vote against Veena.

You had a good rapport with Rahul Bhatt, what made him one of your good friends?
I didn’t know Rahul at all in the beginning but once I started interacting with him, I realized that we had the same wave length and he was not pretentious at all. He was very chivalric and I felt really comfortable with him. Whenever I had issues in the house, I used to sit with and talk to him about it. He is a very sensible human being and never complained about anything in the house when the others kept cribbing about the lack of necessities in the house.

You had a wedding also in the house, how was it?
It was fun attending Ali and Sara’s wedding because we were really bored till then without any entertainment, and when Dolly entered, everyone was sad because of her behavior and the language. When we knew that Ali and Sara are going to wed, we knew that the coming few days will be fun filled with music and dance and most of all, good

Salman Khan entered the house a day to spend it with the inmates, how was it?
I felt lovely to see a new human being because we were really bored to see the same faces every day. His entry gave us a positive energy and a new charm that cheered us a lot.

What were your works in the house?
In the beginning I was in the cleaning department wherein I used to clean the house and platforms. When I was in the cooking team I cooked food for people and they loved it and later on I was in the dishwashing team wherein I was made the captain. I must say that I washed a lot of vessels and big greasy utensils.

Who do you think should win this season of Bigg Boss 4?
I personally feel that either Manoj Tiwari or Seema ji should win this season.

What are you plans after getting back home?
I need some time to recoup myself, so I am taking some days to rest and because of the show there has been a big break in my work and hence I will be getting back to my work with my colleagues and shows.


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