Rakhi accused of abetment to suicide, FIR filed

NEW DELHI: Rakhi Sawant’s latest reality TV show ‘Rakhi Ka Insaaf’ has landed her in legal trouble. A contestant allegedly committed suicide after being insulted on the show.

Her agony aunt act on reality TV show ‘Rakhi Ka Insaaf’ has gone horribly wrong with the death of a participant she had called ‘impotent’.

Laxman, a 24-year-old, youth from Jhansi in Uttar Pradesh appeared on the show with his wife to resolve marital discord. But his family says he sank into deep depression after he was called ‘impotent’ by Rakhi and felt humiliated on TV, and never recovered.

“He went into depression ever since he was called impotent on Rakhi’s show,” says Laxman’s relative.

The family has filed a case against seven people including Rakhi Sawant and her bodyguard.

“Rakhi Sawant and others have been charged under Sections 504 (intentional insult with intent to provoke breach of the peace), 306 (abetment of suicide) and 120 (concealing design to commit offence punishable with imprisonment) of the Indian Penal Code,” says UP Police DGP Brijlal.

Rakhi Sawant has not reacted on the FIR against her. But Laxman’s death is just another indication that reality TV can really bite


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