Angelina Jolie to start filming in Bosnia on November 17e

SARAJEVO: Actress Angelina Jolie will film scenes from her directorial debut in Bosnia from November 17 to 21 where her wartime love story between a Serb man and a Muslim woman has sparked controversy.

Bosnian media reported that Jolie will film in the capital Sarajevo and the central town of Vares. The reports were confirmed by a source close to Jolie’s local production team.

“The dates are not definitive and can change, it all depends on how the filming currently under way in Hungary goes,” the source, who did not want to be named, said.

The Hollywood superstar started filming her first feature as a director, an as yet untitled love story set against the background of the bloody 1992-95 inter ethnic war in Bosnia, in Hungary’s capital Budapest early October.

According to a short synopsis of the film a young couple is separated as the war starts. When they see each other again the girl, a Muslim, is held in a detention camp where her former boyfriend is now a guard.

The movie caused controversy in Bosnia when local media repeated rumours that the film was the story of a Muslim rape victim who fell in love with her Serb attacker.

Women victims’ associations complained about the reported content and in mid-October the Bosnian authorities suspended Jolie’s filming permit.

It was quickly reinstated after Jolie sent the authorities a copy of the script which her Bosnian production company says does not include any rape love story.

The actress-turned-director has said she wants to meet the women victims’ associations who complained about her film while she is shooting in Bosnia to clear up any misunderstandings.


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