Morning Glory premiered in New York

NEW YORK: “Morning Glory” premiered Sunday night (Nov. 7) in New York City and all of the film’s stars were on hand.

Rachel McAdams was beautiful in a gray strapless dress, while Diane Keaton looked sassy and fabulous in glasses and a black number.

The movie features McAdams as aspiring news producer Becky Fuller who tries to save the failing morning show “Daybreak” by getting control of its feuding veteran anchors (Harrison Ford and Keaton).

“Morning Glory” also features Jeff Goldblum and “Modern Family’s” Ty Burrell, plus rapper 50 Cent as himself. It opens nationwide on Friday, Nov. 10.

In this romantic comedy, Rachel McAdams plays the new producer of “Daybreak,” a morning show that’s lagging in popularity. In an effort to improve the ratings, she decides to pair Pomeroy, an anchor of gravitas, with a morning news veteran (Diane Keaton).

Ford shows his flair for comedy as he spars with his new boss and keeps his on-air colleague at a disdainful distance. Needless to say, his character doesn’t want to cover topics like cooking, fashion and entertainment. And he doesn’t hesitate to refuse assignments he doesn’t like.

McAdams and Patrick Wilson, who plays another producer at the network, provide the romance as their characters try to build a relationship amid the hectic pace of TV news.

The screenplay is by Aline Brosh McKenna, whose credits include “The Devil Wears Prada” and “27 Dresses.” The film is directed by Roger Michell, who also helmed “Notting Hill,” the 1999 romantic comedy with Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant.

When Ford talks about his own morning TV viewing habits, he sounds a little like his character. “I’m eager to get the news in the morning, but I’m not quite ready for entertainment, so I don’t really watch much,” he says.

Although he isn’t what you’d call a talkative celebrity — he usually seems gracious yet reserved during television interviews — he sounds happy to discuss “Morning Glory,” which he describes as a pleasure to mak


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