Now, its Dolly vs Manoj

The day has just started and the housemates have gathered at the breakfast table.

While all are busy eating the leftover food and fruits of the previous day, Manoj demands to have eggs. Dolly who is the current Kitchen Captain says that Manoj, like others should first finish the leftover food to avoid wastage as he has eggs every day. Manoj is upset about this refusal and starts questioning Dolly. While Dolly is trying to reason with Manoj on the issue, he passes a comment saying “Kitchen kisi ke baap ka nahi hai”. This triggers Dolly who obviously takes it personally and screams at Manoj that “Baap pe Jaana Nahi”. The entire house is taken aback with this roaring tussle between Manoj and Dolly.

While the fight is still on, Ashmit and Veena choose to have their own sweet time with each other away from the nasty fight. Ashmit gets a lovely head massage from Veena and she obviously is enjoying the role of masseur… especially since it is for Ashmit. Later in the day, Sameer asks Veena about the growing proximity between her and Ashmit and soon Veena goes pink on her cheeks, wonder why?!

While there is love blooming on one side, there is still tension in the house with regards to the kitchen dominance, misbehaviour and unwanted allegations. But those who are manipulating are doing their work well while those who are not, continue to become the scape goat.

Undoubtedly all are at an edge to plot against each other and are still unaware to the fact that Sara has been watching everything from the special room. Wait and watch to see all this and more.

Next day everything seems normal, until they all hear the most abnormal announcement from Bigg Boss. While everyone had planned to nominate Dolly for her uncouth behaviour, to everyone’s surprise 7 housemates were nominated on basis of planning and plotting against the Bigg Boss rule.

Nobody seems to be happy with Dolly as the new kitchen captain. While Manoj is still debating on how Dolly is given the authority over Kitchen without the housemates consensus Sameer to picks up an argument with Dolly over rationing of fruits.

Maha Monday definitely seems to loads serve a platter on fights over food, surprising nominations and continued unhappiness in the house!

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