Sallu back in Dus Ka Dum

As far as the show Dus Ka Dum is concerned, it seems Salman Khan is irreplaceable. The broadcasters of the show have realised this over time. Last week, they called up Salman and asked him to return to the show. And guess what? Salman agreed!

The acrimonious fallout that Salman had with the channel three months ago is over now. Next year, the superstar will return to the third season of the show as the host.

Explaining how it all happened, our source says, “The broadcasters told Salman, ‘Sir, we’ll do it as per your terms and conditions.'”

Apparently, a lot of efforts were made to get a replacement for Salman but all in vain. But you wonder if the broadcasters of Bigg Boss would be miffed if Sallu went back to Dus Ka Dum. Said the source, “Not at all. Salman doesn’t have a binding contract with them. He can always do Bigg Boss next year again if he wants apart from doing Dus Ka Dum.”

When Salman walked out of Dus Ka Dum early in August this year, which caused a delay in the third season of the show, it was supposedly because the channel was not inclined to give Salman a remuneration hike. At that time, Salman made it amply clear to the channel that he will return to the show again but strictly on his own terms.

According to insiders from the television industry, Salman had charged Rs 89 crore for the 104 episodes that were telecast in the first season of Dus Ka Dum. And for the second season of the show, the actor had reportedly asked for a decent increment of Rs 44 crore. But even that didn’t materialise. Then, Salman slashed his fee for the second season after the channel admitted a cash crunch as a result of the economic recession (Mumbai Mirror, August 4, 2010).

Says the source, “Considering Salman agreed to a fee cut in the second season, shouldn’t the channel telecasting Dus Ka Dum have given him a fee hike in the third season? Anyway, 10 Ka Dum is very dear to Salman; that was his first show on Indian television

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