I’m not pregnant: Sakshi Pradhan

Sakshi Pradhan has been in the news for all controversial reasons.

This Splitsvilla 2 winner, who got eliminated from the Bigg Boss house sometime back, loves being in the news. While she was in the house, she was allowed to consult a doctor and this gave rise to speculation that she was pregnant. Sakshi even confided in her female co-mates, Shweta Tiwari, Veena Malik and Sara Khan that she’d missed her menstrual cycle and she was worried if she was pregnant. TOI spoke to the girl grilling her on her penchant to be in the news…

Why is it that you have always hit headlines for controversy? Do you think when you need limelight to be in news any publicity is good publicity?
I don’t know why my name is associated with controversy. I want to meet those people who are spreading these stories and have a heart-to-heart conversation with them. They don’t realise that I’m somebody’s daughter and I have a personal life too. Gossip doesn’t affect me. But I hope that it doesn’t affect people close to me. I don’t look to be in news and create false stories that are sensational so that I get good coverage. If media is doing that, it is their fault as they are lapping up controversy without even checking the news.

Are you pregnant as was reported?
This one was the most bizarre one. I’m 21. Why will I be pregnant when all that I’m thinking is about my career? I’m not pregnant and don’t intend to be.

Has your MMS sex scandal got you attention that made you get a chance to be in the house?
I hope not as I know people who don’t even have any controversy around them who were approached by the channel. I don’t want to talk about the sex scandal. It has disturbed me enough and has depressed me. I have clarified it a long back.

It is also being said that you are the person who has got Sara Khan excited about Ashmit?
Sara is a grown up girl and she knows what she is doing. I’m not the one creating a rift between her and Ali Merchant (Sara’s boyfriend). She calls Ashmit Pops and he thinks of her as his daughter. The show is just playing portions that can be perceived as sensational for TRPs. Don’t go by that.


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