SRK in Berlin for Don II on the 20th wedding anniversary

BERLIN: Shahrukh Khan the Badshah of Bollywood who was married back in the year 1991 to a Delhi girl Gauri Khan is now celebrating his 20th marriage anniversary today with the tag of being the most successful couples of the industry.

The duo of Gauri Khan and Sharukh are still madly in love with each other even though the couple has two lovely kids and twenty years of marriage in hand, Shahrukh is all for his dear wife.

Sharukh’s career graph has always been on a rise and amidst this there has never been an air about their break up or a third person coming in between the pair.

The journey of the couple has been one of absolute love and trust. Shahrukh who is in Berlin at the moment for the shoot of his flick Don 2 will be throwing a hefty bash on his birthday that will include his family and his friends.

The star will celebrate his birthday dated the 2nd of November along with his anniversary marking double celebration on the day.

The marriage of Gauri and Shahrukh is an ideal example for many film stars who readily jump out of matrimony on the slightest incitation. This makes the two a perfect couple personifying attributes like friendship love and respect for one another.

The two have recently been spotted in an advertisement put up by a furnishing firm which has Gauri and Shahrukh fondly expressing their love.

Gauri has always been under the wraps when it comes to showbiz and it is for this reason that her appearance with Shahrukh in an advertisement is something out of the blue


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