Ritu, Malkani showcase collections at Fashion Week

Ritu, Malkani showcase collections at Fashion Week MUMBAI: Veteran designers Ritu Kumar and Babita Malkani showcased their varied collections on the second day of the ongoing Lakme Fashion Week in Mumbai.

Malkani portrayed a very distinct urban sense of styling and a high level of comfort with international fabric and styles.

She said that her muse was the scenic landscape of Kabadokia in Turkey, which inspired the colours and textures of her collection.

“My inspiration for this collection is a place in Turkey called Kabadokia. I went there two-three months back. I have never seen such a place before. When I saw it, as a designer I was so awed that I was only sketching. I took out the colour palette there itself and I decided what kind of collection,” said Malkani.

“I wanted-three colour story, cutwork, textures. Seeing the landscape I got really inspired,” she added.

Model-turned-actress Pooja Batra was the showstopper at the event flaunting Malkani’s most elegant design.

“After nine years, I was really honoured when Babita asked me to become the showstopper. She is my friend as well and she designs very good clothes. So I said yes and I really liked it,” said Batra.

Malkani said that she choose Batra for her similarity of Turkish features like her eyes and height.

In another major event, ace designer Ritu Kumar revealed her Spring Summer collection at the Fashion Week.

Kumar’s collection was a modern twist of 1930 vintage styling and fabrics.

“Fashion is changing in a way which has a lot of character. And it has to change for the younger generation…now we are wearing very different things than what we started off with. But at the same time there is a lot of involvement of an indigenous kind in the fashion,” said Kumar.


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