I would like to continue from where I left off: Raveena Tandon

Best known as the ‘Mast Mast’ girl for her sensual on screen image, Raveena Tandon gets candid in a short talk with IndianExpress.com. Raveena was in Delhi at an art exhibition by Nawaz Modi Singhania. How has been your life during the sabbatical you had from Bollywood?
Life has been fantastic. Well, honestly, I am enjoying myself. I have worked a lot for many years. So, during this break I spent time with my family with my kids.
How has enjoyment during this break different from the one you had during your Bollywood stint?
I have been in the industry for a long time, as in, I am one among those people who were born in the film industry. I am kind of person who likes to give hundred percent in whatever I do. If I am working, I will give hundred percent to my work. If I am leading a family life, and not doing any work, I would give hundred percent to that as well.

How about making a comeback to the movies?
Well, I have already signed three movies. I have already been shooting for a film and on my way to shoot for another two films. One film is called ‘Agni’ and other is ‘Aap Ke Liye Hum’ and the third film is still casting.
What kind of roles would you like to prefer in the second innings at Bollywood?
Well, you know I have already shifted to serious kinds of roles. I had already evolved into very protagonist, strong and challenging roles, like the ones in ‘Daman’ and ‘Satta’. I would like to continue from where I left off.

How do you look at the success of the reality shows on the small screen?
I might do them for myself, because they are the best thing to do these days and it is fun to do them. These shows are just once a week and financially also, you make more than through them than what you do from a movie.
Any kind of challenge in particular you are looking forward to?
Yes, I would take only those roles that really excite me, otherwise am not interested.
What is your idea of art?
Well, I think art for me is something which is beautiful and something you understand what’s going on. A good painting is one which is not abstract and you can understand it well.
What is one best thing which art can do to the society?

I think art can motivate us towards more beautiful things. Like you are stressful and you look at the painting and suddenly you are very peaceful. So, in a way, you de-stress yourself through art.
What do you think about India art?
Indian art, luckily, is being recognised the world over and is being sold at Sotheby’s which is great for India.
Art has always been considered to be the domain of the rich. Do you think it is still the case in our country?
No, I feel the trend has changed now and some of the contemporary art is easily affordable.
Any kind of regret you have from your life so far?

No regret. I have no regrets about my life. When I see my children, I am content. I think this is exactly what I wished. I thank God that he has given me exactly what I wanted, like settling down (in life) at the right time, having kids at the right time.
What do you think about the role of a mother and a role of a star?
Honestly, life of a mother is more hectic than a life of a star. Running after your kids is much more hectic.
Where do you have to handle the pressure more? Being a mother or being a star.
You have to handle more pressure being a mother. You have to handle so many things with your kids and make sure that you are right in what you are doing. A mistake you make in a film can be rectified, but, a mistake you make with your child can never be rectified.


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