Sid comes back in Suhana’s life

A changed Sid aka Mohit Malhotra is back to woo Suhana again in Star Plus serial Sasural Genda Phool.

The viewers of Star Plus loved serial Sasural Genda Phool who have been enjoying the cute, naughty love and fight relationship between Ishaan (Jai Soni) and Suhana (Ragini Khanna) will have to give a halt and get ready to view a new angle in between their chemistry because very soon Sid aka Mohit Malhotra will be back in Suhana’s life.

According to our source, “Sid who was very much in love with Suhana had refused to get married to her because his carrier was his first priority and so he left her by saying that she is not a marriage material; which indirectly lead Suhana to get married to Ishaan so that she can prove Sid wrong. But now that Sid has realized that his love for Suhana is deeper than his ambition of doing well in his carrier so he is back with an apology and get Suhana back in his life and Ishaan having the knowledge of the same as usual will tackle the situation calmly.”

When contacted, Mohit Malhotra told us, “Yes Sid is coming back in Suhana’s life and he will try to get her back but to in order to know Suhana’s reaction on the same you need to watch the show. The character of Sid is on and off in the show.”   


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