Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai

Emraan Hashmi could well be seen in an out and out black role if his character in ONCE UPON A TIME IN MUMBAAI has to be analyzed. Ever since the film went on floors, there have been murmurs in the industry circles that the film is based on the infamous battle of supremacy during the 70s between reigning underworld don Haji Mastan and new entrant Dawood Ibrahim.

“It’s not fair on my part to be commenting upon whose real or imaginary life is ONCE UPON A TIME IN MUMBAAI (OUATIM) is based on”, Emraan keeps a safe distance from the very USP of the film, “What I know is that this is a film about two head strong men who belong to underworld in Mumbai. Ajay plays Sultan who is larger than life. He has his own set of morals and principals even when it comes to crime. His belief is that one can bend the law to a certain point but after that a line has to be drawn. He indulges in smuggling but doesn’t want any loss of lives. Also drugs and guns are totally unethical for him because they take lives.”

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“And then there is me, Shoaib, who is all of 25 years of ago, is wildly ambitious and quite crazy as well”, Emraan continues while describing his character, “He is someone who wants to do something fast and knows that law is too tame to be feared about. He thinks that law should be instead tamed rather than the other way round. He respects the fact that true power is held with people like Ajay and hence looks up to him. He idolizes him, wants to become like him but then doesn’t draw a line when it comes to crime. He is willing to do everything to make an empire. He respects Sultan but he feels that he can take a step further.”

Now if the film is indeed about the face off between Haji Mastan and Dawood Ibrahim, it is anyone’s imagination?


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