Imran Khan, Deepika Padukone
Kunal Kohli has forbidden Imran Khan and Deepika Padukone, the stars of his under-production film Break Ke Baad, currently shooting in Mauritius, from going on any social networking site on the internet to talk about their film.
This is the second producer to have blocked his stars from tweeting about a film. Earlier Sajid Nadiadwala had to restrain Ranbir Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra from social networking about their film Anjaana Anjaani.
But Kunal Kohli says his case is different from Anjaana Anjaani.
Explains Kohli, “I’ve only asked Deepika and Imran to desist from tweeting for three weeks until Imran’s new film I Hate LUV Storys is released. I don’t want any overlapping in the public’s subconscious about the two films. Once Imran’s other film is out, he and Deepika are free to tweet to their heart’s content.”
Until then Kohli isn’t letting his two incorrigible twitters put any visuals or words on the internet. This has apparently not been taken well by Imran and Deepika. Imran was heard grumbling loudly about the curtailment of freedom of expression.
Says Kunal determinedly, “I really don’t approve of stars giving out information on micro-blogging sites, but I don’t think we should stop them. What I can do is to decide when is the right time to tweet.”