Hotstepper Of The Week Vaneeza Ahmed

The billboards splashed at key positions in the street are arresting. One of the most well-known and arguably most beautiful faces, Vaneeza Ahmed stares out at you. You can’t see what she’s wearing but the face is enough. Vaneeza is out with her V Lawn and the adverts with a close up of hers show that she doesn’t need to show the prints. People will come to buy her lawn, which is what they did when V9 was launched two years ago.
Vinny has consciously distanced herself from V9 and Mohammad Farooq Textiles, but the break up doesn’t mean that she stopped in her tracks. With a tie up with the gigantic Sitara Textiles, she continues doing what she did last time. Welcome to the new celebrity driven world. Vinny doesn’t need to create a brand… she is a brand herself. She can make lawn, ready to wear, furniture or even her own range of skin care products and everything will fall under brand Vaneeza. All she needs to do is figure out how to do it.  
And one thing Vaneeza is known for is charting new territory when it comes to her profession. She took the plunge into acting when modeling seemed to saturate for her and from there she moved on to launch many a product for different brands.

Possibly the smoothest operator around in the modeling world since Frieha Altaf, Vaneeza began by working for fashion and soon figured out how to make fashion work for her. She is now an entrepreneur in charge of brand Vaneeza and with her new tie up with Sitara Textiles, she has branched out into three more lines – V Embroidery, V Khaadi and V Men that will all be available alongside the regular V Lawn prints at the exhibitions.

And for taking things as they come and pole-vaulting into business using modeling as a platform, Vaneeza is our hotstepper of the week. She will jump right off a cliff when she has to and you can rest assured that she will land on her feet. Life is a game of risks and Vaneeza has mastered the art of playing it.

Vaneeza V Lawn exhibitions are on at:
PC , Karachi
5th-7th April
PC, Lahore:
11th-13th April

Serena, Islamabad:
12th-13th April


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