Shahbaz Sumar A

instep exclusive
Underground utopia
The Basement is fast becoming a see and be seen sanctuary for the young, restless, bold and beautiful of Karachi. Instep looks back at one year of the Basement to see how exactly it became all the rage


It created a definite buzz in Karachi. The Basement became a haven for some, others didn’t much care for it and there is still a legion out there who haven’t figured out exactly where it is yet. In a narrow Zamzama alley, there is a little red carpet before a large, imposing grey door. A narrow staircase leads down to the most talked about ‘grey area’ in the city.

Not only is the place a dingy grey, it is also difficult to figure out what it is. The Basement is not a restaurant, neither is it a coffee shop, though you can get snacks and finger food. It has the best music in town and the live DJ nights are attracting electronica buffs and providing a much needed platform for the disc jockeys of Karachi. The Basement is one year old now and is still going strong.

On the anniversary, owner Shahbaz Sumar threw a party for patrons and friends, who helped make The Basement a success. With the resounding beat of music, candles and balloons strewn around it was a celebration of an unlikely success story. Loyal clients who insist that the Basement is their living room. And they were out in full force, grooving to the

beat and having a grand time celebrating a place that is the next best thing to home, and sometimes evenbetter

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