Pinning hopes on Pakistan Fashion Week B

Let’s be realistic. Ever since the rift between Karachi and Lahore resulted in the formation of two councils, there was no chance that Pakistani fashion could emerge in any effective way. There weren’t many creative forces to begin with and divided, there were even less. If possible, the rift made the politics uglier and the giants became dragons.

The first thing Pakistan Fashion Week achieved was to put designers back on the same wavelength.

Those who until recently couldn’t stand the sight of each other’s face, were suddenly seeing eye to eye. Members of both Pakistan Fashion Design Council (PFDC) and Fashion Pakistan (FP) shared the same space at the preliminary meetings (held in Karachi and Lahore) and did not end up slitting each other’s throats as they almost managed to do at the last council meeting held in united presence. Dragons and demons were put to rest, even if temporarily. The announcement of Pakistan Fashion Week induced enough competition for FP to immediately start planning Karachi Couture Week and for sure, one does expect to hear a similar announcement from PFDC too.

There cannot be enough of a good thing and these waves of movement will most definitely create more opportunities for everyone.

Jolly Good. Where PFW will promote prêt, at best KCW (when and if it happens) would continue to revive the very valuable traditions of Pakistani crafts. However, it will be a ‘council event’ and that means it will leave out a substantial number of designers who are not in FP. Ditto for any event organised by PFDC. When the industry split into two camps with splinters of ‘independent’ designers, fashion diminshed as a force to be reckoned with. To bring all designers onto one platform, a fashion week independent of both councils is exactly what the doctor ordered. If one is to go by the rules of any IMG-operated fashion week, PFW will be an affair to remember.

Just to picture Maheen, Sonya Battla, Imrana Ahmad, Karma, Nomi Ansari and HSY on the same runway is a mouthwatering thought and this reunion, when culminating at PFW, promises to be a finale of epic proportions.

That thought alone, holds the promise of a new and brighter future for fashion which can be repeated neither by FP nor PFDC unless they unite. Consequently, the sheer impact of PFW will be unparalled.

For similar reasons, Pakistan Fashion Week’s impact on general fashion trends in Pakistan will be more effective. Hopefully corporations like Chen One, Bareeze and Haji Karim Buksh and Men’s Store will attend as prospective local buyers, introducing fashion designers on their panels of retail clothing. Clothes we see on racks of these stores are seldom trendy enough to qualify as fashion but the day we see Karma for Chen One, Rizwan Beyg for Bareeze or Imrana Ahmad for HKB, a dramatic change will be seen on the images we see on the streets. It’s not a far fetched scheme. If Karl Lagerfeld can design for H&M, Isaac Mizrahi and Proenza Schouler for Target then why shouldn’t local fashion be made affordable too? Fashion is a luxurious dream everyone should have the right to afford and PFW will help make that possible by regulating collections.


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