Pinning hopes on Pakistan Fashion Week A

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Pinning hopes on Pakistan Fashion Week
Fashion has come a long way in Pakistan but even after forty years of evolution, it still hasn’t acquired the credibility or discipline that comes with an international profile. With IMG providing the backbone, Pakistan Fashion Week will help achieve what the fashion community has not managed to do on its own – it will regularize fashion as a business and elevate clan-controlled cottages into an industry because that’s exactly what fashion weeks do around the world.

By Aamna Haider Isani

There have been no formal announcements yet, only a press-meet with Simon Lock, the man who comes with the warranty of IMG, an enterprise that has put almost all high profile fashion weeks on the map including the highly impressive accounts in New York, Milan and closer to home, India. The right deal has brought IMG to Pakistan and what we see unfolding is probably going to be the biggest opportunity to take Pakistani fashion places. If things go by standard procedure then Pakistan Fashion Week will hopefully become the most defining moment in the history of Pakistani fashion. The event has already been added to the official IMG website and honestly, it looks good sitting there as the latest addition to a very impressive lineup of fashion weeks.

Not much information has been made public as yet, but even the buzz generated from underground activity has been enough to breed excitement amongst some designers as well as palpable unease amongst others.

Handing Pakistan Fashion Week over to IMG may for some individuals be like giving up a carefully nurtured flower that promises to bloom any day but for realists who have seen the industry nosedive one time too many, it is a step that needed to be taken to prevent fashion from withering away under the weight of city divides, monopolies, unethical practices, untalented parasites and crippling politics. If all goes well in the run up to PFW in November this year, all weeds will have been pulled out, allowing a thousand flowers to bloom. The exchange of energy passing through fashion doorways to that date will be monumental.

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