An Interview with Sultana Siddiqui – President

Q — What is the vision behind Style360?

A — When we were thinking of the concept of Style360, there were existing channels like Fashion TV, and many others, but we observed that there was no channel that focused on different lifestyles. So we thought this would be a unique channel that would fill a void. Whenever we launch a channel, we do prior research thoroughly and introduce a channel that helps broaden our viewer’s vision. We also build our image in the eyes of foreigners, and these were some of the things we were considering when we launched Style360.

Q — Two launch events were held – one in Karachi and another in Lahore. Why did you feel the need for two events?

A — It was a marketing tactic — how you launch your channel is very important.The major industry related to fashion is in

Lahore, but the sales and marketing team and advertising is in Karachi, so we wanted to combine them and move ahead. By doing

so we gave both halves of the industry an idea of our vision, and amalgamated them to see how we could take the channel to a

new level.

Q — How was the launch different from other events/launches?

A — The launch was definitely different in many aspects. We did them the way foreign shows are formatted; they are

completely flawless, not a stop for a single second. We focused greatly on music, quality choreography and ambience, and

ensured that all the top names in the industry were present and made a significant impact.

Q — What is your target audience?

A — Glamour is something even the lowest classes dream about, and we want to use glamour to involve all strata of society,

something that all classes can relate to. It is aimed at the masses. It is a channel that will always bring happiness, and

distract people from all the seriousness and troubles in life. It will help them not only to learn about international

trends, but to lose themselves in it. It will lighten hearts of all ages, from young to old, and the less fortunate to the


Q — Most people are under the impression that this is a channel targeted at an all female audience. Is that true?

A – It’s not like that at all…if u look at spas today, you’ll find a lot of men there too. Earlier, men would wake up, wash

their faces, get dressed in something simple and go out. Even if they put gel on their hair, or were interested in grooming,

they did it themselves. Now, the case is entirely different. In fact, it sometimes shocks me with the
amount of things men get done professionally – everything from eyebrows to facials, and even masks!!!

But on a serious note, even though the fashion world involves more women within it, it certainly draws an equal audience of

both men and women. Hence,it will generate interest in both the genders equally.


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