Adnan Pardesy gets bright

Adnan Pardesy gets bright, loose and floral
Adnan Pardesy wowed the audience at Karachi Fashion Week and held his own ground at the Ensemble Fall/Winter showcase Adnan Pardesy’s outlook on spring fashion is similar to Nida Azwer’s. He believes flowing fabrics are going to be in this spring. Chiffons and georgettes will be the fashion forecast of the year. To him, it’s all about Western wear – chiffon tops, breezy and light tank tops, bright colours and flowery prints. The nuts and bolts of spring are the right print and soft fabric. He seems firm about the idea of bringing soft and feminine uppers back in the picture by focusing on printed tops this season.
“Light blues and airy pastels: everything has to be voluminous. No skin fitting, the clothes of spring should be of comfort feel. Checks are out and they will be followed by flowery prints. I don’t see much of a change as harem pants will remain in fashion. The colours will change and the fabric weight will change. Tight fittings are going to go. Capris are smart and in for spring. They might get shorter but it’s dicey – depends on the composition. The change this spring won’t be drastic.”

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