An Interview with Vaneeza- Art Director Style 360

Q — Tell us a little about the programming on Style360.
A – As our channel deals with lifestyle, it has a wide range of programmes on it. It’s not just a fashion channel; it’s to do with everything that deals with style, which is in essence everything we do; whether it’s the way we carry ourselves – it defines who we are. Our style defines us – so it’s a very good concept for a channel.

Q — Which market will you be catering to?

A — Well, I’m hoping we will be catering to the masses, not to any particular segment. For the masses, TV is the only major entertainment available. We don’t plan to follow any particular style. It’s also a learning process for us; to see what the international trends are and try to incorporate them nationally. We don’t have any target market, so we are not limited in our approach.

Q — Do you feel there is a vacuum in the fashion industry that Style360 hopes to fill?

A — Yes, there is a huge vacuum. It is a very young industry – fashion is only 15-20 years old, and the progression has been very slow. It’s only in the last two years that some noticeable progress has been made and it has evolved into an industry. Before, there was only one TV channel, so not much time could be devoted to fashion. There were very few fashion magazines – now there are so many, the choice is mind- boggling.

Q — Style360 will be based both in Karachi and Lahore; what will the split be like?

A — Karachi will produce more reality-based programming. Most of the designers and models are in Lahore, so celebrity interviews, etc. will come from Lahore.


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