An Interview with the CEO of Eye Television Network Mr. Duraid Qureshi

Q — What inspired you to launch a style channel?

A — HUM TV, since its very inception has been a classier and more stylish channel than its competitors. We were always looking for content that was a cut above the rest and soon joined hands with Style Duniya which covered Pakistan’s fashion industry, to air some of their programming, which we thought was unique. Style Duniya had been a small cable channel coming out of Lahore, but as lots of money is required to run a channel successfully, they had to close down operations and had been reduced to a very small team producing programmes for local/foreign channels.Finding them to be a group of very talented and hard working young people, I met the team and made them a very lucrative offer for their expertise and content. I was very clear what their channel lacked, and knew that by making proper changes and investing capital this could become a separate channel filling the gap of lifestyle in Pakistan’s channel scene.

Always inspired by new and creative ideas, I bounced them off our senior team, for we do not take any major steps unless we are all convinced of their feasibility. Once a decision is taken, the whole organisation focuses on making it a success. Contributions from sister channels is a must, for with limited resources (they are always limited no matter how much you keep investing!) it is wise to build on a new channel with the input of already existing ones. Style360 is a very well thought of channel.

Q — How is Style360 different from Fashion TV?

A — Fashion TV is a fashion channel only, whereas we are a lifestyle channel. Our canvas is much broader, boasting a variety of programmes. A 24-hour channel requires a varied programming mix. We cover the complete circle of style and have programming that will stun the style sensitive

Q — From the looks of it, Style360 seems to be a very elitist channel. Considering HUM and Masala have been huge hits with the masses, do you think Style360 will also garner the same response?

A — I am always shocked when people ask this question. My understanding of media has taught me that anything that is beautiful, interesting and current will be liked by masses as well as the elite class. Television channels must have the most modern graphics; the look has to be classy
and inspirational. Style360 is a dreamy, yet fast channel, with content unlike any other channel — short format programmes; fashion tips; what’s in, and what’s not; entertainment from the film industry; gossip; and lifestyle of the rich and famous. The best thing is that it’s a Pakistani brand with the standard of graphics and look being world class. Every Pakistani will enjoy this fast paced channel.


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