ETNL proudly launched yet another promising channel on the night of 23rd August, entitled “Style 360”. The event, “Lux Fantasia 2008” was a dazzling affair consisting of astounding acrobatics, sensual dances, and the showing of collections by four magnificent fashion houses.
The channel’s focal point is to promote not only the fashion industry of Pakistan but also the living styles of all those Pakistani, and its launch show was a show-case of all this and more.
The show started with a marvelous performance by an English troupe of acrobats and dancers called, Impact Artists. Their segment was a tantalizing routine of lithe and supple moves, which left the audience in awe.
Following this performance, was the showing of four different yet equally talented fashion houses. Starting off was Hassan Shehryar Yaseen’s collection which was all about his signature style; the clothes being impeccably embellished, the colors being rich and the silhouette being classic.
Following HSY was the collection by Iman Ahmed of Body Focus. Her garments flowed with movement, her cuts were innovative and the procession of her clothes was incessant as they succeed from semi-formals to formals.
Trailing Body Focus was the vibrant, vivacious and captivating collection by Nomi Ansari. The clothes were colorful, young and effervescent and as the models walked downed the ramp; their quirky headpieces brought that something extra which could only mean Nomi Ansari.
Nomi Ansari
Winding up this fashion segment was none other than the creations of veteran designer, Umer Saeed. His line of clothes was brought together by a color palette consisting of black, white and deep maroon. Just like always, Umar Saeed did not disappoint as the models looked regal and dignified in his garments.
Umar Saeed
Team Chaos” came forward with their aggressive, thumping routine which brought a new flavor to the performances in Pakistan. Close behind were Wahab Shah and Fia Khan who mesmerized the audience with their enticing salsa routine.
What followed was Shazad Raza’s portrayal of beauty inspired by opera; his depiction consisted of ten diverse, glorious looks amplifying romance and tragedy…the true essence of opera.
Vaneeza Nomi
Winding up the show were Impact Artists along with a final walk from all the models, and Nomi Qamar and Vaneeza Ahmed.
Two awards were also presented that evening, the best dressed male; Saqib Malik and best dressed female; Sadaf Maletare.
A special mention needs to be made about the red carpet, which were a spectacle of black and white décor midst roses and a constant flow of celebrities. Four camera stations were set up, with Sanam Agha, Sarwat Gilani, Mekaal and Daniyal Raheel getting comments from all those beautiful and glamorous .
Event Management: WOW Factor, Abrar Ibrahim
Logistics: R-Team

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