Atif Aslam’s Show Time

Atif promotes Prince – It’s Showtime on Youtube
Watch the video to see Atif Aslam inviting you to the facebook fan page of Prince It’s Showtime
Prince It’s Showtime

Prince It’s Showtime
Do you love Atif Aslam and can’t get enough of his superstar self? Then Youtube is the place to be. Atif has lent his voice to songs in the upcoming Bollywood flick, Prince – It’s Showtime. Skeptics may go down the road of this being nothing new as Atif seems to be coveted as the ultimate hitmaker in Bollywood. But that is really not why we want you to Youtube him at all. We want you to Youtube Atif’s personal invitation to the PIS Facebook page. Because any time watching Atif interact with fans somewhat personally is time well-spent.

Out of curiosity of course, you would want to see the PIS page on Facebook, and once you do that, may we add that one of Atif’s singles, ‘O Mere Khuda’, from the film has a fanpage all it’s own! With fans comparing Atif to Aamir Khan and Dilip Kumar for doing “one project a year,” and being “perfect.” However, while one status on the ‘O Mere Khuda’ page says that it is “one of the four songs” Atif has done for PIS, Atif in his personal message says he has done just two songs. Never mind the stats though, there is pure entertainment to be had by going through the video message and all fanpages on FB related to Atif.

So don’t just sit there – get online and experience all this Atif fabulousness for yourself! And tell us if you can resist Atif saying, “certainly, it is the showtime, see you then.”
Atif Aslam Upcoming Songs in Bollywood Movie Prince It’s Showtime
Atif Aslam Latest Upcoming Movie Song’s List is given below. Atif Aslam sung new songs as a playback singer in Bollywood or Indian movie Prince It’s Showtime. Music of this movie will be reeased very soon.
Song List:
01 – Tere Liye
Atif Aslam
02 – Kuch Na Kaho
Alisha & Javed Ali
03 – Aa Bhi Ja Sanam
Atif Aslam & Shreya Ghosal
04 – Kaun Hoon Main
Atif Aslam
05 – O Mere Khuda
Atif Aslam & Monali
06 – Tere Liye (Unplugged)
Sachin Gupta
07 – Saiyan
Shaan & Monali
08 – Tere Liye (Remix)
Atif Aslam
09 – O Mere Khuda (Remix)
Atif Aslam & Monali
10 – Aa Bhi Ja Sanam (Hip Hop Mix)
Atif Aslam & Shreya Ghosal
11 – Kaun Hoon Main (Remix)
Atif Aslam
12 – Kuch Na Kaho
Alisha & Javed Ali


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